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Law and Policy making, ,  Project Management, Diplomacy  and Academy

Should you join us:  Barrington Group Affiliates operate from their own city but have access to a global network of other affiliates with whom to work to develop the business, Immigration, wealth and heritage management, legal and taxation interests of their existing clients and from whom they receive referrals for work in their area. Our charge out fee structure is on a par with those of the large firms and as well as that our affiliates earn referral fees and can then undertake Project Management if they wish to and even earn on the coaching and training of the client’s staff.

 The fact is, most Consultants DON’T generate the amount of leads that they should and that IF what you’re doing now isn’t getting you the bottom line results you want, it probably never will. To get better results you need to start doing things differently.

 If you are a consultant or develop businesses and get paid by the hours you work you are limited to what you can earn by the number of hours in a day. Our clients pay you more for what you do so you will make more money with less work and it’s as simple as that. Increasing your prices isn’t hard; it just takes a simple decision. The hard part is increasing your prices without losing any business. We do that for you.

Our affiliates earn in 1 or more of 3 ways. 
(Rainmaker) finds a client they can’t personally help and accept the brief in our standard form.
They retain all fees for all clients they can help personally and do not pass over but t
hey earn a fee as a percentage of the total bill when they pass the brief on to our central office (Minder)
Our central office appoints an affiliate who specializes in what the client requires in whichever language, country and town the work is to be done and bills the client at the agreed rate.
Our Specialist affiliate gets paid and does the work.  

In this way affiliates can earn either as a finder, minder or grinder or as all 3.    

If you are wondering if joining us would work well for you then you should ask if you believe that the future of Management, Legal, Accounting consultancies is global. If yes then we have lots to offer.

High achievers aren’t usually any more intelligent than everybody else, they don’t have a better service, they’re not even necessarily better at what they do but some become extraordinarily successful and others, in the same market, selling what is pretty much the same service, just struggle to get by and can’t seem to generate the income they want or attract the clients they need.

We believe in Equal opportunities for men, women, race, caste,, nationality, Age and religion but do not practise positive discrimination so everyone is part of our organization based on ability and we find all forms of extremism incompatible with our client base. We are however proud of our mentoring and internship program for young people and in particular educating young women.

Affiliates should be serious, successful and professional, good communicators, dress well, present themselves well, serve our clients well, excel through working well and be able to represent our brand well to our clients. Therefore they should focus on their continuing professional development. Loyalty is important. Our marketing staff works to find and understand how to get clients for our affiliates.

So if .. you are serious about growing your Consultancy and becoming powered by the Barrington group EMeIAAA and you’re willing to be open minded enough to welcome new ideas, many of which will be counterintuitive and may even contradict what you’ve learned, assumed and believed to be true about selling your services in the past then please accept my warm and very personal invitation to apply to join us at “the Barrington group EMeIAAA” and attract and convert a constant and predictable stream of high-value clients all year round, in any economy and without spending a fortune on marketing , leaving you to focus on the core principles you need to increase your business profits

To apply to Register with us as an affiliate Completely free of charge Please APPLY HERE


For the benefit of this document Consultants are persons or companies who have a specific expertise or specialist knowledge of a legal, taxation, management, project nature and give advice (either locally or worldwide) for a fee. Some also implement or manage startups, business development, projects, business opportunities, agency, dealer or distributor networks, coach clients to implement projects or train client’s staff to implement the strategies. In certain cases they accept mandates, broker commodities or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals’ needs. They also undertake Government /Diplomatic assignments and International Negotiations.  This is not an ebook or a course or some Internet website. This is person to person B2B and B2C affiliation. To see the areas in which we are currently active please see

The Barrington Group EMeIAAA
” is now one of the best performing Multinational Professional Service firms globally and also one of the top performing consultancies, business development and project managers worldwide

With over 40 years experience  the Barrington group EMeIAAA has spent thousands of man hours marketing and providing a route to market for new clients for our affiliated consultants and project managers. Marketing a Consultancy is different to any other kind of marketing so for the best part of half a century I’ve dedicated my time in finding out what the top performing Consultants, in the world do differently from everybody else. Success as a Consultant, has very little to do with your ability to serve your clients and has EVERYTHING to do with your Image, reputation and ability to attract and ability to keep clients. Prospects DON’T want or need a Consultant, Coach or Trainer, they want RESULTS! and most importantly someone to blame if it doesn’t work as their board expected.

As we market Internationally we often attract clients from countries and in specific areas of expertise where we are not yet represented though so we are now seeking Independent Pragmatic and forward thinking affiliates  to accept our clients and immediately increase the Profits and image of their Consultancy. Just some of our recent top level international assignments which you as our affiliate could have been part of are to be found on our website.

Joining our like-minded Affiliates is enough to make it all start happening for you by taking that one key step in the right direction, regardless of any recession, “the economy” or even the stiffest, toughest, most cutthroat competition. You can enjoy vastly higher profits than you’re getting right now, with less work, fewer headaches and a lot less hassle.

None of what we do is based on guesswork or theory. It’s all based on tried, tested and proven strategies used by the worlds’ top performing Consultants, lawyers and accountants to win and keep clients.

Nowadays the overheads and costs of a small firm or one man consultancy are just too high to compete with the leading Multinational professional Service firms in the global marketplace who, by affiliation, can take on large Multinational companies, Governments and Municipalities as clients or profit by providing Legal/ Financial, Taxation, Auditing, advisory,  Accountancy, Policy making, representation etc. Most small firms charge far less but still have very little chance of competing with the Professional services networks or legal networks which have an entity like the Barrington group EMeIAAA to co-ordinate the activities of the network. Those small firms have entered into agreements with other firms to form and operate as a network powered by a common brand name  and adhere to common quality standards. E.g. Accenture (who traded as Arthur Andersen until its closure in 2002), Coopers & Lybrand , Deloitte,   KPMG , Price Waterhouse ,Touche Ross,  Ernst and Young , Mckinsey etc. Like the Barrington Group EMeIAAA each is a network of firms, owned and managed independently. These firms expand almost monthly to get even bigger making it even harder for the non-affiliated firms to compete. Neither we nor any of the other Top Professional Service firms own or control the affiliate firms. It is therefore clear that bigger is better in much the same way as the corner shop cannot compete with the superstore anymore , small consultancies cannot compete with the Multinational , multidisciplinary Large professional services firms . In 2007 KPMG announced a merger of four member firms (in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) to form a single firm in the UK where the regulatory environment is Entrepreneur friendly yet safe.
The Large firms can service clients better as they can afford specialists in more fields to build teams and take on more clients in more geographical locations. Expanding companies prefer this as they only have to deal with one contact point for multiple advisers, consultants, coaches and trainers. Small firms are either not offered such assignments, have to refuse them or refer them to other consultants who may not have as much integrity and ability as themselves.
The answer for smaller consultancies is therefore is to obtain all the advantages that the bigger firms have in marketing and PR, be able to take on more and larger clients, attract the best interns, earn referral fees but to remain independent and know that when referring to another partner and receiving a referral fee that the firm they are referring to adheres to the same common academic and ethical framework as themselves.

As a Barrington Group Global affiliate you will be able to accept far more clients, operate as a partner of a globally recognized Brand so be able to have access to clients who are happy to pay more for the best. You have the total backup of International experts, facilitate brainstorming sessions among your new global partners receive referrals from other countries and profit from the global economy.

Imagine coming into your office to be greeted with dozens of messages, all from potential clients who want to work with you and instead of chasing clients, they came to you pre-sold and ready to buy your Services and all you have to do is simply take the  payment and set a start date.


Here’s What our affiliates get …

  • Affiliation to the most Dynamic and fastest growing
  • New Business
  •   Consultancy/ Professional services/Legal/Accountant  network
  • Personal contact to Barrington Roy Schiller
  • New business and career opportunities and advancement from within the International Group
  • Opportunity to talk to everyone in the room at events
  • Referrals - all parties always informed
  • A voice for all members to other members made available
  • Introductions made or Profile or CV circulated  if required
  • Cost effective channel to market
  • Special events and business showcases, conferences - opportunities for you to do business
  • Gaining the edge in Hassle free networking
  • Tried, tested and proven methods of tapping into the businesses around you
  • The support of business specialists e.g. marketers, recruitment, publishing, legal and business experts from within the membership.
  • Influence on a face to face basis
  • Relationship building
  • Business Development forum
  • Meetings In many cities
  • Attendance at each of the year's Barrington Group  workshops, Conferences and Road shows
  • Attendance at each of the calendar year's Barrington Group  International events
  • A presentation opportunity at each Barrington Group  event
  • Advice on consultancy/coaching/training  related matters
  • One hour 1 - 2 - 1 consultancy either on skype call or in person
  • Priority details of forthcoming Barrington Group  networking events and conferences
  • Information on speaking opportunities at leading events
  • Discounts
  • Information on recommended Suppliers
  • Details of upcoming Global Conferences and useful trade shows
  • Details of trade missions to other countries
  • Details of Organized events
  • Collaboration with Barrington Group  for PR
  • Reduced exhibition rates at Barrington Group conferences
  • Preferential Sponsoring opportunities at leading events
  • Assistance with Staff/Intern Recruitment
  • Assistance with joint travel and accommodation for events at discounted rates
  • A certificate of membership
  • Institute of Directorship access
  • Barrington Group EMeIAAA  UK phone number diverted to you
  • The opportunity to lobby government with other members
  • Company endorsement
  • Assistance with grants, acquisitions, mergers, finance and exit strategy
  • Joint media Purchasing opportunities
  • Discounted advertising rates  in  magazines
  • Publishing and editorial possibilities
  • Opportunity to be quoted in Barrington Group  PR
  • Opportunity of Booth space in the exhibit area at Barrington Group  events or Banners in the Conference Room at each event
  • Your 100 word company synopsis on our web site against your company entry.
  • Space at each event on Literature Table in the Conference Room
  • An A4 B&W or colour Insert in each Event Literature pack
  • Marketing and client attraction strategies PROVEN to get results.

Henry ford was famously quoted as saying that half the money he spent on promotion was wasted and that if only he knew which half then he would be 10 times richer. While he was working on cars others were focusing on making horses faster. 45 years of experience has shown us what doesn’t work in marketing so we are far more successful at getting that all important bang for our bucks and are willing to pass these leads to you as our affiliate.

I personally make a commitment  to each and every of our new affiliates who find that joining  the Barrington group win-win strategy is dramatic and life changing.

Barrington Roy Schiller 

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