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body shaping

" Our Beautytek Equipment tightens and lifts breasts up to 5cm naturally and provides a highly effective fat reduction treatment for all common problems which until now have only been able to be treated by cosmetic surgery. It has the added advantage of general stress reduction without the dangers or side effects of surgery   "

Beautytek Web, based in Beverly Hills now supplies apparatus and sends trainers to educate senior beauticians in renowned spas and wellness centres world wide .  If you are seeking the latest innovations for your clients we make the same revolutionary non surgical body Sculpting technology available to your spa or wellness centre  at a price that means that it is no longer necessary for your clients to be Hollywood stars or supermodels to afford it.
Beautytek have exclusive Dealerships in place and we will be be happy to put you in contact with the exclusive distributor for your area if we are not able to supply you direct.
Our revolutionary Beauty sculpting treatments are suitable for all body types, ages and areas, for which the client desires a visible improvement, even after one treatment. Click on the treatment required below to be taken to the page which shows which equipment you need or look at the Beautytek Premium which does it all. Typically, 2 new clients having treatment sessions with the apparatus each month allows the outlay to finance itself  shortly after its acquisition.

Beautytek treatment equipment constantly measures and analyzes the energetic potential of the treated area. The dispersion of energy is not limited to the skin surface but unfolds its full treatment power by stimulating the self-repair mechanisms of the body. The treatment area is visually mapped, convincingly displayed and demonstrated to the client before and after the treatment

before/after body shaping

We know that some of the most beautiful women in the world are in countries which need a visa for the UK or the USA so they can't easily come to our offices which is why we send our trainers with our apparatus and arrange treatments at a spa in their country.

body shaping

Treatment is bio-cybernetic, which brings about an energetic balance in the treated area - without surgery or any pain. Our apparatus detects energetic deficiencies in the body and then treats them with pinpoint accuracy using complex computer algorithms developed from the experiences of Chinese treatment methods transferred to modern technology.

body shaping breasts

Our " made in Germany" built computerised apparatus provides gentle, non-invasive and completely pain-free body sculpting and has been the subject of numerous Radio, TV and magazine articles across the globe. It is heralded as the safest 21st century body sculpting system adopted by celebrities opposed to dangerous traditional implants and surgery. The computer optimizes the parameters which are relevant for the treatment, prevents any over- or underdosage.and controls their effect in a bio-cybernetic closed loop within a fraction of a second by its measurement on the body.

body shaping breasts

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body shaping

Our treatment brings about an energetic balance in the treated area without surgery or any painful procedure. The client relaxes on a treatment table while the qualified and highly trained specialist moves a probe over each area to be treated. A specific electrolytic gel helps stimulate and accelerate the self-repairing power of the body. The active principles stimulate, tighten and cleanse the tissue of the  determined areas - exactly meeting the client´s needs - with bio-equivalent energy. The client feels only a pleasant massage.


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