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Welcome to " buy a company dot com" ,

Buy a company dot com is part of The Barrington group Investor relations department . We have a tried and tested team of Independent professionals in many countries. When we review a business plan and like the idea we not only advise but guarantee not to walk away until the funding is in place for our clients and all with no upfront fees. 
his site will give you information about the current businesses which we, as English lawyers, represent and are offering for sale  either in full or part to any country in the world.

We would be delighted to discuss with you further how you can become involved in these exciting business, either by being actively involved or as a non executive director or investor.

We believe that the best time to become involved with a business is as early as possible so pre revenue businesses are the ones we mainly concentrate on.

Please follow the link below to see brief details of some of these businesses.
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