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  If you are happy with the speed at which your business is growing and feel that you do not need any help either to grow it, fix it, look after it temporarily, sell it or remove it, so that you can go back to having peace of mind, spend time with your family and enjoy life again then nothing here will be of interest to you.

When a business is conceived it is not an extension of you but often we forget that. It is very much like a foster child that comes into your family and in a perfect world will grow and thrive to be a respected celebrity member of the international community with you, as its guardian reaping the rewards and being looked after in your old age.

Unfortunately, like children, businesses become ill, have accidents, need tutoring and can soon be a major drain on your resources, both emotionally and financially. At such times it is not easy to cope and your own health can quickly be affected. Sometimes you just want the best for your business but no one seems to see the potential of it as you do. They just want to add to your problems by trying to take the money which you so urgently need to grow or rescue the business.

The Barrington Group has a team of International specialists who have all signed up to only work for businesses we believe in. Like Dragon's den  and business Angels we don't take from you, we give free of charge to those who qualify.

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If you have a business you need help with please contact us with brief details for our solution, tailor-made to your circumstances to us.

We assure you of our total discretion but Should you wish to send us a confidentiality agreement first we will be pleased to sign it first

" We act swiftly and Internationally to help small to Middle sized businesses and Entrepreneurs. Within 7 days we can take the problems away from ailing businesses or directors either temporarily or permanently or start helping businesses to grow  with absolutely no upfront fees"

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