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Despite ‘advice’ provided by some debt counsellors, Insolvency Practitioners, etc., in some instances, bankruptcy is the best method of freeing a debtor from unmanageable debt. Bankruptcy is a necessary procedure in today’s capitalist society.

Bankruptcy is a formal insolvency procedure for someone who is unable to service their debts as they become due. It is often the last option to be considered when all of the above have been proven to be impossible or inappropriate.

  It is possible for an individual to petition for his/her own bankruptcy or a creditor may take that action. Once a Bankruptcy Order is made, the debtor is required to provide full details of his/her financial life to the Official Receiver who will assess their ability to make contributions to their creditors from either assets or income. Insolvency practitioners are specialists in their field and the average person is confronted only once in their life with the subject. Our specialists however are on hand to guide you through what can be an extremely painful process and which if not handled correctly can land you in prison. Contact our colleagues at the "Help and Support for Bankrupt People" centre (HS4B)  now for a free initial consultation
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