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Below are our portfolio of Recruitment and Training companies;

Our Internet marketing channel fulfils all the needs of any business which wants to use the Internet as a means of promoting their business. The channel features the world's leading experts on the subject of Internet marketing and your business can be up there with them giving your company the ultimate "irresistible" factor.

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Model Placement services is the Barrington group Company which provides Models for the fashion shows we produce and for the brochures for our companies where needed. MPS also gives advice online and in person to those interested in pursuing a career or a part time activity as a model. MPS first trains and then guarantees to place the model with an agency


Intertecs is an International Investigation agency which also offers training courses for those wishing to learn the skills of being a bodyguard, an investigator or counter terror specialist.



Assistance for persons wishing to embark on a career in the music and performing arts industry



Our Neuwied academy of Management , Organisation and Motivation offers courses in self personal development. Subjects dealt with in the course are:-

  • Personal Development
  • Motivating and Managing others to achieve
  • Setting Targets - planning to reach them and checking to ensure they are being adhered to
  • Overcoming obstacles, biases, and prejudice
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Overcoming personal psychological barriers
  • Developing creativity and estimating reaction
  • Building success strategies and cybernetics
  • Understanding aspects of personality
  • Rhetoric
  • Combining family with Business
  • What is sales
  • Aligning your business, the community and the environment for success
  • Taking nothing, Making something
  • Maslow's pyramid of the hierarchy of human needs
  • Team building and group psychology
  • Barry also studied Developmental and clinical Psychology




If you have a business you need help with please contact us with brief details for our solution, tailor-made to your circumstances to us.

We assure you of our total discretion but Should you wish to send us a confidentiality agreement first we will be pleased to sign it first

" We act swiftly and Internationally to help small to Middle sized businesses and Entrepreneurs. Within 7 days we can take the problems away from ailing businesses or directors either temporarily or permanently or start helping businesses to grow  with absolutely no upfront fees"

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