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Legal, Financial, Taxation,  Auditing, Advisory.  Accountancy
Law and Policy making, ,  Project Management,  and Academy

We offer domestic and International Tax Advisory, ,Legal Advisory and practise, ,Financial Services, Governance, Diplomatic assistance, , Assurance, accounting, auditing, tax structuring, wealth management, heritage management, Security, Investment management services, Real estate advising and execution, immigration assistance , business consulting, project Management and, of course, our winning legal services covering the whole range of services provided in any sector globally.

Most of our clients come from the following sectors:
TICE- Technology, Information, Communications and Entertainment
IGU - Infrastructure, Government and Utilities
PCS - Private Company Services
LHU-Luxury, HNWI and UNHWI

We believe in and offer new partners Cooperation based upon the principles of: Win-Win partnership, transparency, ethics, responsibility, joint planning and coordination of activities, mutual interest, mutual information and autonomy of both Parties.
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Our clients come from every major city and a great number of jurisdictions in the world with the primary jurisdictions where we are most active being: United Kingdom, United States of America, Russia, Ukraine,  Ex Soviet Union, Ex Yugoslavia, Dubai, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark,, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, ,Latvia, ,Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

Most of our clients prefer to make initial contact with us by email and then on “skype” or other electronic means before we arrange a face to face meeting and appointment. Our Group is expanding daily to cover new regions for the benefit of our clients.

We wholly understand and appreciate the interests of our clients, the safeguarding of their rights, their privacy, their need for discretion, confidentiality and the necessity of providing expert qualified advice that will suit their needs and serve them best. All information provided to us is naturally done so under client/attorney privilege and as such subject to total confidentiality from any 3rd party investigation. At no time will we divulge anything provided to us in confidence without the strict written instructions of our client. In some cases and at your request we will provide nominee directors and lock boxes for further confidentiality.

This makes us a leading source of financial, legal, mediation and business services for the world’s Governments, States, Municipalities, Corporations, SMEs, Professionals and Individuals and most importantly to provide our clients with a multitude of competitive advantages brought about by our innovative approach.

While others are still thinking outside of the box we have smashed the box and built one more suitable to your needs and profitability.

We will be glad to work with you and offer you the best services available in the sector. You can rest assured that your needs and interests will be fully explored, safeguarded and fulfilled. Our services include a full range of comprehensive, one to one service with open and clear communication, experienced staff committed to cliwnts' risk assessments and due diligence, secretarial and courier services suiting the needs of individual clients and allways with the aim to under promise and over deliver on each client’s expectations and requirements, ensuring at the same time high standards and compliance.

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The Barrington Group is made of up of Multilingual partners, associates and employees who offer only the best Legal, Accountancy, Management Consultancy, Advisory and project management solutions. Each has a specific area of expertise in their relevant disciplines, country and nationality and all function as one Global homogenous unit with clear lines of communication between them and a proven track record of success stretching back over 40 years

Our cost saving “transfer pricing” methodology may make you surprised how low your personal earnings or company turnover can be to make using our professional services more than worthwhile.

We may make the difference between making litigation worthwhile or having to write off a claim you should pursue or either you or your competitors gaining a competitive edge.

 We are committed to offering the finest quality of management services, implementing each client’s directives and supplying the necessary oversight of maintenance contracts and daily operations, as well as coordinating studies on behalf of our clients and offering capital improvement programs.

When appointed we will appoint two account managers for your account who will report to you in your preferred language and handle all aspects of your transactions and compliance to keep you “legal” and safe from any possible prosecution by tax authorities or any other authorities while not being afraid to go to the line but never cross it. Your account managers will deal with all your accounting and compliance requirements and needs, reconciling bank accounts we open for you and will provide you with a simple easy to understand report on any transactions, filings and withdrawals you have made or you have instructed us to make for you. If so required they will fly to any location worldwide you desire to meet you and act as couriers for anything you may need urgently.

Offering a comprehensive approach to the management of your business as well as the needs of your family we have a long pedigree of delivering high quality comprehensive services

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