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I am always amazed when i read sites saying "Going broke! Bankruptcy! Don't Panic!.

That is the most stupid advice i have ever heard. Panic! Panic! Panic! would be my advice. Well perhaps panic is the wrong word but at least take immediate action if you do not want to end up as the guest of her majesty as others before you have discovered. If it goes to court you will be up against highly paid legal minds charging up to 1000 per hour making sure that they get their fees before any of your valuables ever have the chance to find their way back to you and your family. If you try to protect your assets you are already standing with one foot in prison. They have heard every story before!.

There are many free debt advisors but in this world you get what you pay for. You can either take the free financial healthcare option or use us as your private consultant. Which do you think will look after your interests best and would you rather have an Insolvency expert appointed by you via us or one appointed by the courts and your creditors.  Our service is not free of charge but we like to think that you and your family will be safer in terms of both your liberty and your finances when the horrific experience is over.

Contact me any time for a free evaluation but the earlier, the more we can usually save.  Every company and every situation is different. There is no bespoke business model for what I do but contacting costs nothing. Not contacting can cost  you your freedom. We can help with :-

  • Repossession and mortgage arrears
  • Creditor and debt collection tactics including harassment and bullying
  • Debt solutions – bankruptcy, debt management, negotiated settlement, individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) 
  • Bailiffs
  • County Court Judgements
  • Personal, Commercial, business and sole trader debt

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Barry Schiller

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If you need help tailor-made to your circumstances with a business or personal Challenge we act swiftly and Internationally to help Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, and businesses with absolutely no upfront fees.



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