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Property Portfolio Acquisitions and Management.

The Barry Schiller first rule of property is "Never pay for a property" and the second rule is "Never sell a property". These rules are simple but Investors often make the fatal mistake of getting emotionally attached to the properties they invest in and creating a dinner party portfolio. A dinner party portfolio is one where the investor invites friends round and attempts to impress them by explaining that he has a villa in Monaco, A house in St Lucia, an apartment in Paris etc etc etc.. It's great for impressing but using the same investment for 10 flats in Detroit might bring a greater return on Investment and that is what I achieve for my clients. Barry is an authority on Lease options, Sandwich options, Instalment contracts, wraparound mortgages and the whole pallet of creative financing solutions which are available but little known about.  In 2007 Barry brought half a million pounds of real estate for fun. The bank financed 85% and he negotiated a discount of 17% , free carpets and free top of the range kitchen and tiling  with the developer. When property crashed in late 2007 his mortgage repayments dropped to a staggering 0.5% p.a at the beginning of 2010 giving a mortgage repayment of  2500 p.a. The rental income is nearly 30,000 per annum. That means a positive year rental income of nearly 27,500 for no own capital property outlay.  In 2010 Barry offered the same apartments to a "rent to buy"  tenant who paid a 30,000 non refundable deposit and a rental agreement of 750 pcm over and above the normal rent for a period of 5 years when the final amount must either be fully paid or the deposit forfeited.

Such transactions are standard fayre in real estate investing but it takes a certain kind of person to be able to bring them off and not everyone has the time or the inclination to be able to negotiate these Investments.

Although it is often possible to acquire the benefits of property without  actually purchasing the property of taking out a mortgage solicitors , valuers and surveyors won't work for free.

For his private Portfolio Barry has apartments , houses and acquired a 7 storey hotel in Mallorca.

If you would like to grow a property portfolio Barry's excellent contacts around the world can be at your disposal for sourcing below market value properties, land, hotels and commercial real estate and to manage that portfolio on your behalf leaving you to do nothing other than look forward to the dividend cheques at your pre arranged intervals.

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