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We believe in and offer Cooperation based upon the principles of: Win-Win partnership, transparency, ethics, responsibility, joint planning and coordination of activities, mutual interest, mutual information and autonomy of both Parties.

Our specialist areas of cooperation focus upon  cost reduction, Revenue Growth,  and Management for businesses involved in Movies, Hotels , Tourism, Telecom. Education, Aviation, Franchising, Real estate, and Fashion

We offer small to medium enterprises big business development solutions and policies normally only available to Multinational concerns.

We recommend that all SMEs  initially appoint us on a retainer basis for just one day monthly. This is usually sufficient to deal with all but the most difficult challenges.

Any other fees for the implementation of projects can be deducted from the total funds that we collect for you from your clients so. "No win, no fee"

Join us today as a Barrington Group Global Partner:

  Personal Development course designed by Barrington Schiller in 1979.
includes the following subjects:-

ENTHUSIASM : Naturalness and Role Play, Speaking, Language and Expression,
MOTIVATION : Base Motives, What Motives are there, What are behind Motives, How and when do people react, what is Motivation, How can I use Motivation to the benefit of myself and others’ Rationalising Motives - From wish thinking to target thinking, Time and Life, How do I use my time, How could I use my time more positively, Awakening of the learning process, Willingness to learn test


Time and life, "Is and should be" analysis.
TARGETS AND PLANS: Short term plans, Middle term plans, Long term plans, Strategic Planning, Decision Making guidelines
CHECKS : Examples

How do I see myself, How do others see me, Self experience test, PREJUDICE: Life experience,
Why Recognition, How do I get the necessary Recognition?
4.COMMUNICATION - Making contacts, What is communication, What is to beware of when giving, What is to beware of when receiving , Where are my communications difficulties, Interview techniques, Presenting, Interview techniques, What can I learn from the method of interrogation, How does this fit in with day to day life, The 6 " W ", What can we deduct from this on a day to day basis?, Verbal Communication, Rules of preparation, Preparation for presentations, How can I activate my vocabulary, How does this affect my life, Non-Verbal Communication, Gesticulation and Mimic, Criteria of judging a speaker

5. PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIERS - The rules of Natural symptoms, - How can I use these rules and pass them on to others, What use are these for my success , Angst (Fear), What are psychological barriers, Why is the knowledge of these so important, What causes Frustration, How does Frustration affect my life, What are problems, How can I solve problems, Selfworth, "Is" analysis, Own judgement, Group judgement, "Should be" analysis

6. REACTIONSAUTOMATIC, CREATIVITY - Building the Programme, Bias and Prejudice, Active, positive influence, Group + Own experience

7. SUCCESS STRATEGY, KYBERNETIK: What is personal success, Recognising realistic possibilities, Reaching target sections Off course analysis + steering
Cybernetic, a magic formula?, The Circle of Life

8. PERSONALITY - What do we understand as personality, Charisma and Presentation. Foundation and Feedback,

Foundations of Rhetoric, The 3 Pillars of Language, Levels of communication, Practical exercises and checks.
10. LOVE, MONEY, PARTNERSHIP, SEX - The meaning of the word "love", Verbal and non –verbal possibilities.
-What does Money mean to us?, Money and its real value
-Partnership and Emancipation, My body and I, Language of Love and Sex
-Sexuality and confidence, Prejudice, Variations

11. THE FOUNDATION OF SALES. PREPARATION. TARGET SETTING - Wish activation, Requirement Awakening Problem Solving, Winning Trust, Correct question planning, Recognise Adversity, Demonstrative Argumentation Persuasions techniques, Closing techniques, 11 conditions for sales success

Work and World, Psychological Connections and Influences, Success experiences through feedback from your surroundings

13. MAKE SOMETHING FROM NOTHING, - Discover what is required, Advances through know how expansion Finding Gaps in the Market, Offering solutions, Protect Ideas to use later, Stay on the ball

14. MOTIVATION AND STAFF - Maslow’s Pyramid, Recognise personal motives, Motivation and Manipulation, Energy and Timing, Motivational Conflicts, Motivational Concepts, Experience in Practice,
15. GROUP DYNAMICS - Role allocation, Role expectation, Behavioural Explanation, How does my behaviour affect other group members, How do I judge the effects of my behaviour on other group members, How do I explain my behaviour, What use is this in day to day affairs, Explanation of Feelings, How do I show feelings? , How do I explain Feelings, How do I show my feelings, How does this affect my day to day life

16: SUCCESS METHODOLOGY, Concentrations Training, Why eye contact, How does eye contact effect me and others, What have I practically experienced by eye contact, Concentration Ability Test. Memory Training, Super short term memory, Short term memory, Long term memory, Techniques and exercises, Memory techniques, 5 steps to a better memory, What is Creativity, How can I train Creativity


Your International Relations gateway to the
for Governments, States, Counties, Local Municipalities, Republics and Businesses Worldwide

To achieve cooperation objectives we have expertise in implementing, amongst others, the following activities
1.Job creation through business development
 2.Establishment of Twinning cities
3.Company Formation
4.Incoming Tourism
5.Conference and Congress Event organization
6.Inward Investment
7.Business centre establishment
8.International school Formation
9.Industry assistance
10.University Establishment
11. Image management and branding
12. Web, internet, IT and social media management and marketing
13. Call centre management
14. Airline and Airport Formation
15. Event and program planning
16. International dispute Resolution
17. Policy Development
18. EU and UN grant application
19. HR and Consultant recruitment
20. Establishment of common Corporate Framework
21. Publicity and PR
22. Security
23 Financing and Refinancing
24. Blue Chip and Government Contracts
25. Agent, dealer and stockist development
26. Interim Management
27. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Management
28. Company Formation
29. Mystery Guest and Shopping
30.  Franchising
31. Purchase and management of distressed hotels and businesses
32.Association Formation 

We like to think of each organisation as a chess board. Put the right pieces in the right place and then take an expert strategist and success is guaranteed.

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