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Policies and procedures written by Barry and available to Barrington Group Companies As well as trading terms and conditions, Risk assessment, Coshh and Health and Safety other policies are mandatory in a modern business environment as well.

The following is an alphabetical listing of policy and procedure documents which Barry has produced and without which it is usually not possible to operate with blue chip companies.

Advertisements - Positive Action Statements Advertisements for Externally-funded Posts Advertising >Affiliate Scheme Age Discrimination Annual leave Annual Leave for Part-Time Staff Anti-Harassment /Bullying Policy  Appointing Overseas Workers - Guidelines Appraisal Schemes Appraisal, Review and Development Assimilation of Individual Staff to New Pay Structures Bank Details Breastfeeding on Return to Work Casual Worker Payments - Fees and Expenses Form Casual Worker Payments - Guide for Departments Casual Worker Payments - Guide for workers Categories for Staff Certificate of Sponsorship (Obtaining) Change of Management Procedure Childcare - Tax Efficiency Childcare Vouchers Civil Partnership > Code of Conduct for Personal Relationships Computer Regulations Competencies Complaints Computer Misuse Policy Conditions of Service for valeting staff  Conditions of Service for Management Conferring Eco valet Honorary Status Conflicts of Interest - Policy and Guidelines Contracts of Employment Corporate Equality Objectives > Cycle Scheme Departmental Manual Description of Occupational Codes Disability Equality Scheme & Disability in Employment Disability Information Disability: Reasonable Adjustments Disability: Who Can Help ? (Sign Language Interpreter help) 9; Disciplinary Procedure Disclosure of Information for Public Interest Display Screen Equipment Users - Self Assessment form and instructions

Employer's Final Offer Employment of Temporary Staff Equal Opportunities Equal Pay Audit Equality Objectives Equality Policies Equality Policy - Race Exit Interview Policy Externally-funded post advertisements Eye tests for users of display screen equipment. Flexible working to care for children Fraud and Financial Irregularities Freedom of Information Act Gender Equality Gender Give As You Earn (GAYE) Golden Hello Payments Grading Review Process Grading Review Request Form Grievance Procedure Guidance on Writing Job Descriptions Guidelines on Drivers

Human Resources Division Service Standards , Induction and Probation Procedures Information Security Policy Inland Revenue Insurance - Travel Investigating Allegations of Financial Irregularity Investigating Misconduct

Job Description Outline Language - Guide to Non-Discriminatory Language Mailing Lists Mainstreaming equalities issues Management Competencies Managing Stress at Work Managing under-performance - a capability policy Market Pay Policy Maternity and Paternity Financial Assistance Mobile Phone Use Monitoring The Recruitment And Selection Process,  Negotiations, Pay One-off Payments - Fees and Expenses Form One-off Duty Payments - Guide for Departments One-off Duty Payments - Guide for Workers One-Open Ended Contracts of Employment Organisational Change Procedure Overseas New Employees - Pension Options Overtime Payment Partnership Applications Paternal Leave Paternity and Maternity Financial Assistance Pay Award Date Payroll and Pension Services Payroll Deadlines Pension Options for New Overseas Employees Personal Relationships Code of Conduct Policy and Guideline - Conflicts of Interest Probation Procedures Promotions Procedures Race Equality Policy Record Management Policy Recruitment - Guidance on Writing Job Descriptions Recruitment - Positive Action Statements Recruitment and Selection Policy Recruitment and Selection Process Monitoring Recruitment of staff with criminal convictions Redeployment Policy References for staff - Guidelines on Writing Religion and Beliefs Guidance Relocation Scheme Requests for Flexible Working to Care for Children Research Careers Initiative Researching Passport Procedure Reserve Forces Retirement Retirement Policy Right to Work Guidance for Managers Sabbatical Leave Policy Salary Advances Self Assessment form and instructions for Display Screen Equipment users Self Service Service Standards - HR Division Sexual Orientation - recognition and awareness of the discrimination facing lesbians, gay and bisexual people Sickness - Employee Guidance Sickness - Management Guidance Sickness Absence Policy Sickness Absence Record Form Sickness Return Form Smoking Policy Staff Anti-Harassment Staff Benefits Staff Categories Staff Record - Temporary Staff Record Forms Staff with criminal convictions - Recruitment Policy Strategy for Human Resources Stress at Work Task Change Tax Efficient Childcare Facilities Tax Office Details Temporary Staff - Appointment Guidelines Temporary Staff Record >Term Time Contracts Guidance Termination Procedure Terms and Conditions for Staff Trade Unions >Transgender Issues Travel Insurance Unpaid Leave of Absence Vouchers for Childcare Work Life Balance Work Permit FAQs Work Permits - Appointing Overseas Workers Work Permits - Guide to completing forms (Bulgarians and Romanians only) Worker Registration Scheme - New EU member states - Guidance for New Staff Workforce Monitoring Data Working Hours Working Patterns Working Time Regulations Working with Children Working With Display Screen Equipment Workload Allocation Framework for Academic Staff Workplace Assessment Form




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