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"A Cloak of Discretion & Confidentiality is our most important weapon in Law enforcement"

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A little about us ..........
Intertecs, the International Detection, Investigators, Surveillance and Counter-Espionage Specialists in C3I was founded in 1971 in Berlin, West Germany by ex NATO and in particular ex SHAPE Intelligence officers, colleagues and Administration personnel when the end of the Cold war was coming to it's end. A group of colleagues with varying intelligence backgrounds investigated how their relevant "talents" could be utilised in a civilian commercial non-military environment.

That experience now benefits Governments, Corporations and Individuals worldwide and has been enhanced by the addition of Ex Law enforcement, Military and Government personnel to offer assistance and training.
The name came from the words International Detectives as our contacts are worldwide and whether you wish to engage us, join us or take part in one of our training courses, either at one of our centres or via distance learning please contact us. Our HQ is now in the UK but we operate globally.
Best Regards,
Barry Schiller
AS Well as specialising in Child abduction and Parental abduction Cases and the prompt retrieval of the child we are also active in the following fields :-

Aircrew training Airport Surveillance Anti Piracy covert surveillance
Bullet proof vehicles Celebrity Protection Contraband detection consulting
Courses Cult infiltration Counter Terrorist reaction teams Crisis intervention
Close Protection Counter espionage de-bugging dog sweep
Discrete recording detection Domestic violence prevention Executive Training
Executive Protection Electronic recording explosives detection and counter measures hostage negotiation
Hostage Prevention Hostage Survival intelligence procurement International travel security
Investigations Kidnap prevention Kidnap recovery Marital Intelligence
Maritime Security Residential Security Teams Risk Analysis Security Consultations
Security Secure Couriers Secure Communication systems Sky Marshals
Special operations group Surveillance Tactical and Defensive Driving


urban protection Weapons detection Services Overt surveillance




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