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Below are some of our portfolio of Psychology services;

Not a system to control people's lives but a system designed by Mr Schiller of showing people how to control their own and then (if they want) finding like-minded fellows who need their help to go on and help them. As a practicing homeopathic practitioner Mr Schiller strongly believes in the use of Homeopathic remedies to treat  times of mental stress as opposed to the use prescription medicines


 The Childwatch Foundation "Stranger Danger" Program is an initiative to help children and their parents be more aware about the problems which they may encounter with their environment and is designed to give children an awareness of the dangers around them without making them insecure or xenophobic in their environment



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A series of monographs on the subject of the paranormal, parapsychology, metaphysics and psychic development as well as the history of secret societies written by Mr Schiller



Barrington AND Tanya Schiller Guest Appearances

Mr Schiller and his wife Tatiana are also available to give guest appearances and to speak at conferences on a range of subjects including Child developmental Psychology.
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