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Pronovias of Barcelona

While accepting the position of Managing Director of Pronovias GmbH, based in Germany, Mr Schiller was instrumental in the start up of the German, Austrian and Swiss development of the relatively small Spanish wedding dress manufacturer "Pronovias of Barcelona" and building a team and organisation which took it to become the leading brand of wedding dresses in Europe. Pronovias is just one of the many Fashion brands which Mr Schiller has been involved in. Although Mr Schiller has since left the company to concentrate on his other interests his creation still blooms and can be found in Harrods as well as in all the designer shopping malls and streets Internationally.


Purchase the finest quality Denim in Japan, ship it to Malta so that European customs is cleared, manufacture the Jeans and leisure wear there and then ship the final designer products to Holland where they are distributed and sold in corporately owned retail outlets. The construction is the most tax efficient method of producing a designer leisure wear product to provide such a luxury fashionable article.


Model Placement services is the Barrington group Company which provides Models for the fashion shows we produce and for the brochures for our companies where needed. We also provide mentoring advice online and in person to those interested in pursuing a career or a part time activity as a model. MPS first trains and then guarantees to place the model with an agency




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