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A website, i.e. a graphical user interference to present yourself to the world via the internet is an absolute essential for any self respecting company nowadays but it is also more than that. We live in a generation when people expect everything "now. So apart from saving on printing brochures, postage and time your site also needs to serve both the purpose of being a brochure but also of enabling an interaction which will lead to a sale. A web page on the WWW is however just the beginning as a web page on its own is like a flyer blowing in the streets of a major city with the hope that someone will find it. We offer more. Trust and experience of a team that is used to all working together to one aim with only one contact point !

The Institute of Telecom Resellers in EMeIAA


Due to our work with the Institute of Telecom Resellers the Barrington was at the forefront of the  Internet development with the conversion of the Telecom and IT technologies. When people talk of the Internet what they usually mean is the "World Wide Web" The Internet is like electricity or radio waves, just the means of transmission. After the design of your website you need to connect to the world and who better to assist in that matter than the guys who were responsible for the existence of many of the Internet Service providers, ISPs. You also need contact phone numbers to take your sales global.

Then we move on to the part of the site that enables us to take money so after connecting to the world we have everything in place to start your website doing what it should, making money


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Attend TV provides the operating system for our TV channels in an IPTV, Satellite and Terrestrial format allowing us global audiences for our production company and for the for the various channels which we produce business TV programmes for. also hosts our clients channels
We also hold the following Domains:-

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Barrington TV is the broadcasting side of our TV operations and is responsible for the allocation of programmes created by to the various channels that we broadcast

We currently have the following channels


Our Internet marketing channel fulfils all the needs of any business which wants to use the Internet as a means of promoting their business. The channel features the world's leading experts on the subject of Internet marketing and your business can be up there with them giving your company the ultimate "irresistible" factor.






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