Barry Schiller
Master Lifecontrol Practitioner

the course

   "Most people wouldn't recognise a financial opportunity if it was wrapped in Gold"

I wish to introduce you to an adventure. The adventure of Lifecontrol.
Many of us have dreamt of big things but very few of us have made the necessary effort to make those dreams come true. We live in a world thriving with opportunity and what do we do with those opportunities. Do you know that 95% of people do not have a goal in life.

Insurance company statistics show that in a group of men starting their careers at the age of 25 and having a desire to succeed that 40years later 
One is rich
4 are Financially secure
5  still have to Work
36 are Dead
and 54 are living on state handouts 
So if you are not the one who is getting rich what can you do? 

"Take a pinch of knowledge, A lot of Experience
A Michael Palin of the business world
A lot of  tumbles while learning, Just as many getting ups again
An adventurous nature, Even more discretion, Probably little shame
and a genuine interest in helping people
Put in the oven for more years than I wish to admit to 
and what you get is a master "Lifecontrol" coach

Not a system to control people's lives 
but a system of showing people how to control their own and then (if they want) finding like-minded fellows who need their help

There is a cost involved. I have no intention, at the present time,  of moving into a cave,
I live well, drive a Mercedes S500 5 litre Limosine, a jaguar 4 litre sport,
Fly helicopters, own a photo studio, a seven storey hotel in Mallorca, a Harley Davidson etc etc and  and I've no intention of giving them up. However none of the assets (some would say toys) have been bought by income from here. This is not a pyramid scheme
In fact I believe in this so much that I use much of my personal fortune to promote this. So if I'm paying why shouldn't you?
That being said 
no one is ever turned away because of a lack of funds.
So we'll find you some typing or filing or whatever your present life skills make you suitable for instead of money if you really can't pay. It won't be for long anyway
Barry  so how do you become one of our trainers and earn thousands each month?