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The Barrington Group is an International brand and management group of companies and through the Institute of World Hospitality Management which we founded (www.institutewhm.com ) we offer existing hotel owners and tourist development offices 3 basic services

1)      Hotel Franchise
2)      Hotel Management
3)      Hotel  Sale : 

If desired we will conduct the marketing or sale of a hotel via the Association of International Real estate Investors www.airei.com which we were a founding member of and which we chair.

Our Franchise and management agreements allows hotels to:-
* charge more per room, 
* Sell more rooms
* increase revenue further by our adding services to existing rooms
* Service the local community and Municipality 

We add value to the hotel by:-
* Incoming Tourism
* Conference and Congress organisation
*  Inward Investment assistance
*  Business centre development
*  International school
*  Image management and branding
*  Web, internet ( e.g. trip advisor ) and social media management
*  Airline Programme 
*  Event and program planning
*  Improving local community access (where appropriate)

We ask that the hotel has the ability to grow and accept substantially more guests at off peak times of the year, accept guests at other times and  offer an International class service under our guidance. Although we also accept distressed  hotels we always aim to protect the brand quality by only accepting such hotels. which are already able to offer our partner Tour operators, Travel agents and specialists accommodation and service or who are willing to adapt to improve the quality of their services.

Hotel  agreements  


"We act swiftly and Internationally to help distressed Hotels and Entrepreneurs. Within 7 days we can take the problems away from ailing businesses or directors either temporarily or permanently or start helping businesses to grow with absolutely no upfront fees"
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� 1983 - 2012 The Barrington Group | Europe, Middle East, India, Asia, Africa and the Americas

� 1983 - 2012 The Barrington Group | Europe, Middle East, India, Asia, Africa and the Americas