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International or Domestic Diplomacy, Lobbying Arbitration, Mediation and dispute resolution
There are times when approaching others through official channels can be interpreted negatively and therefore in bringing parties together some clients prefer to have us “test the waters” with a certain amount of plausible deniability should official negotiations not materialise. meet they find our services advantageous in assisting to find a solution which both parties can accept. e.g.

One country or corporation settling a dispute with another
Protesters and governments seeking a diplomatic solution to existing or potential conflict.

Companies wishing to establish if another company is open to a takeover.

Fugitives accused of a crime wishing to approach law enforcement

Unusual or irregular offers being made to a 3rd party

Obviously however in cases where it is not possible to settle out of court our team of global law partners working in unison and coordinated by your personal account manager will be pleased to ensure that all your rights are protected and enforced


Selling of a ready-made business
If you are interested in purchasing or selling a ready-made company or business our experts will help you to protect your interests. We can undertake your complete due diligence, conduct a legal audit to reduce all your risks when buying or selling the business.

When purchasing we can help ; conduct a legal audit of the lawfulness of the acquisition of the assets; explore the legal history of the company; carry out a check presence or likelihood of corporate conflicts; estimate the probability of losing control upon the company or business in future; choose the most suitable way and taxation of purchasing; select the appropriate option to hold the asset and to carry out a transaction completely and rapidly; help in getting a loan; check the reputation of the business, management and company owners. When selling we can help: provide verification of customers’ business reputation; choose the most suitable way of selling, including taxation; search for customers or investors; attract investments from investors, financial markets or the capital market (loans, securities, etc.) ; conduct the transaction completely For companies needing licenses such as financial institutions, banks, asset management companies, pawnshops, security brokers, etc. and other businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, light industry, factories, workshops etc as well as travel, trucking, precious

Please see "Areas of Litigation practice" in more detail

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  International Company formation and Taxation Structure planning International tax planning and compliance with local tax laws, customs, human resource consulting, legal services and pricing– mainly consulting activities which covers Strategy, Performance Improvement, Transactions Services, Business Recovery Services, Corporate Finance, Business Valuation, Sustainability and Crisis Management in a range of specialist areas such as accountancy and

Our legal staff work in every city worldwide and are the brightest legal minds available with, not only a comprehensive knowledge of the relevant laws for your case but also of how to design the correct strategy which is often the deciding factor in winning the case. The legal services provided by the Group cover the whole range of services provided in all sectors with a management team and team of professionals with the higher ethical and professional standards, evidencing expertise in all areas of litigation and legal advising. When referring your matter to our lawyers you can not only rely on their professional skills and experience, but also on an individual approach. Our lawyer will take into account any of your interests at all stages and where appropriate advise you of any financial contributions towards your legal costs which may be available. (from a pre-trial settlement to a running dispute)

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