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Areas of Litigation practice:

* Aviation * Banking * Business * Civil * Criminal * Commercial * Competition * Contract * Corporate * Entertainment * Family * Hague * Immigration * Intellectual * International & Domestic Arbitration * International & EU affairs * Land, property  and Real Estate * Probate * Shipping * Tax * Telecom

1. Criminal: 
* Tax evasion * Forgery of documents and their usage *Fraud * Appropriation in property through abuse of a rank * economic crimes * Corruption * Customs disputes * Administrative disputes* Legal assistance in the accident * Property rights disputes * Debates on the ownership of real estate * Debates on the ownership of the personal property

* Luxury marketing and consulting *




3. Family:
* Legal counsel * Pre Nuptial * family governance * Dissolution of marriage (divorce) * Alimony * Division of property (joint ownership) * Termination of parental rights * Adoption * Filiation * Child abduction * succession and planning * planning * trust administration * Education financial and investment planning * monitor investment performance * Philanthropy *        investment strategies and asset allocation * Heritage Management * family governance * succession planning * investment management * risk evaluation and management * Security and close protection * recreational and educational planning and execution, * In fact we offer a totally outsourced concierge solution to managing all affairs related to our clients family, their wealth, legacy and personal needs with customized services and benefits, and a dedication to serve for the utmost benefit of our clients’ needs and expectations, Travel arrangements, and financial organization of your wealth, with the highest caliber of expertise in all fields.

4 Corporate
Establishment and registration of "turnkey" companies (LLC, public or private joint-stock company, SE, PE, etc.), non-profit organizations (public, charitable, cooperatives, condominiums, business associations, etc.), and joint ventures and/or creation and maintenance of offshore companies. The correct choice of the legal form of your organization will ensure you a successful business start or continuance, protection from the risks of loss of control over your business and your private assets and a quick and painless termination of business activities if necessary to help start and run the new business on a new page * Corporate Governance * Donation, Sponsorship, Charity * Employee Mobility & Business Immigration * Executive Contracts * General Corporate Advice * event organization * Joint Ventures * Public M&A * Reorganization, Insolvency, Liquidation * Restructuring * Aviation * Shipping * Banking & Finance * Financial Restructuring & Refinancing * Funds * Project Finance * Tax * Audit *Bookkeeping * Bank and Corporate Lending * Financial Services Regulation * Mergers & Acquisitions * philanthropy * Health and safety * Debt Restructuring & Insolvency * Franchising and Licensing * Permit applications * Intellectual property protection and acquisition * Labour * Asset transactions * Investment Services * risk evaluation and management * Security * tax planning * Investor relations * Lobbying * application and documentation for permission, permits, licenses and approvals * Preparation for Inspections by authorities * Change management * Crisis management and disaster recovery * Corporate fostering * Insolvency management * Change of ownership  Shareholders meetings * representation in dealings with contractors, state agencies and local governments * Management buyouts * changing in share capital *support in obtaining foreign investment * debt repayment assistance and restructuring


5. Real Estate
* Advice and detailed records of all issues in question * Conveyancing and settlement * Carry out the required due diligence tasks to verify full title to ownership * Verification that the property is not affected by any existing town planning proposal * Advising clients about the zoning of the area, the building exposure and solidity * Verification that the property is free from any encumbrances, claims or impediments or any other prohibitions * Advicing the purchases of probable risks in relation to the transaction and on the necessary steps that may be taken to protect his/her interests * Confirmation that the seller is in a position to deliver title of the property, free of any burdens * Drafting and completing all contracts relevant to the transaction * Organizing and executing on behalf of the client all necessary steps up to completion * Offering all legal advice necessary to perform the transaction * transfer of the property’s legal ownership from the seller to the buyer * transfer of the legal rights and responsibilities associated with the property * securing title with all the rights appertained to the property * Infrastructure * Planning & Zoning, Land Use * Real Estate Investment & Transactions * Real Estate Management & Lease * Real Estate Restructuring * Lease * property and facility management * transfer of legal title of property from one entity to another * completion of the transaction

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